Navy Updates Hairstyle Policy Women

U.S. Navy Updates Hairstyle Policies for Women

The United States Navy has wrapped up the review of its hairstyle policies for women. The almost yearlong effort was informed heavily by Fleet feedback and lessons learned from recent Navy and Department of Defense questions concerning hair and grooming standards. The result of the review was an update to Navy’s hairstyle policies to provide clearer guidance on what s and isn’t allowed. The updated policies authorize a slightly broader range of acceptable hairstyles, while continuing to emphasize the need for a neat and professional appearance.


The policy change was implemented after several black women had asked the Navy to change its grooming standards, the Associated Press reports. The Navy’s review and new standards consider the wide range and textures of hair, including curled, wavy and straight hair. The new regulations provide guidance on hair styles, hair coloring, wigs, and hair accessories for women.


The U.S. Army, Air Force and Marines had already changed their policies in recent years to allow women to wear dreadlocks, falling in line with an increasing push across the military and law enforcement communities for cultural and religious accommodations. The Army’s 2017 guideline allows for men and women to wear turbans, hijabs and beards for religious reasons.

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