Statue of Dr. Sims Who Used Slaves as Guinea Pigs Removed From Park


The statue of James Marion Sims, the medical doctor who used African-American female slaves as guinea pigs was removed from Central Park, New York City and relocated to the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, where he is buried.

It is reported that in 1845, while evaluating a white female patient with a slipped, or prolapsed, uterus, Sims had her kneel and place her chest close to her knees. This position not only moved the woman's uterus back into place, but it afforded him an excellent view of how childbirth had damaged her anatomy.

To further his research on fistula patients, Sims bought or rented African American female slaves from their owners. He reportedly operated on at least 10 slave women from 1846 to 1849, perfecting his technique. It took dozens of operations before he finally reported success, having used special silver sutures to close the fistulas.

Some of the victims who Sims performed his barbaric medical experiment on were listed, in his record, as Lucy, Anarcha and Betsy. His records also show that he performed multiple procedures without anesthesia which was available at the time. Anarcha was operated on at least 30 times.

In addition to New York, statues of Sims were also erected in South Carolina and Alabama.

An inscription near Sims' birthplace termed him ''a blessing and a benefactor to women.''

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