LeBron James opened, I Promise School, a public school in Akron for at-risk kids

On Monday, NBA superstar, LeBron James opened, I Promise School, a public school in Akron, Ohio for 240 at-risk kids.

The school was created as an extension of the LeBron James Family Foundation to give kids opportunities to thrive despite difficult life situations. The I Promise School is a joint venture between the foundation and Akron Public Schools. In November 2017, the LeBron James Family Foundation approached the Akron school board about assisting in the creation of a school designed to help at-risk kids who are lagging behind in their studies and struggling at home.


According to the LeBron James Family Foundation:


The school will operate with a longer-than-normal school year, with a focus on accelerated learning to bring kids up to speed who otherwise might be lagging. In addition, there is a focus on combating factors outside of the classroom that could cause children to struggle. Services are available to help students deal from stress related to parents who are struggling to make ends meet. In addition there are activities to prevent the kids from having too much idle time and potentially getting into trouble. The school also provides services to families, which include job placement assistance for parents and an on-site food bank that will allow parents to pick out foods they can prepare at home.


During the opening ceremony, LeBron explains why he opened the school:

I want people to know that these kids should still have the same opportunity as everybody else. That’s what’s most important. Us as adults, we have a responsibility to not let these kids down, to continue to be the teachers, the mentors, the parents, the coaching, the life skills, the superheroes … whatever it is that gives the inspiration, everything, that’s our responsibility. These kids are our future and they have dreams and aspirations bigger than the city of Akron, than the state of Ohio, than the USA.

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