Ghanaian Women are Going Chemical-free

Despite the influence of bad western habits, the women of Ghana are resilience and more determine then ever before to go chemical-free with their twists, cornrows, locks or braids.

In a recent BBC article, Why Ghana’s natural hair fashion is bad for business, some businesses are complaining that they have lost about 50% of their clients who have opted to style and maintain their natural black hair.

So, what is causing the trend of Ghanaian women going back to their natural roots?

Some of the reasons give by three of the women were:

I could not handle the discomfort of going to a salon, washing my hair and the heat from the dryer was unbearable.”

“I was just fed up. I had to be visiting the salon very often because none of the hair chemicals was suitable for my hair. When I switched to natural hair, it was less expensive to style.”

Akua Djanie, known as Blakofe, a Ghanaian writer and TV presenter and currently the deputy head of the Ghana Tourist Development Company, embracing her natural hair is neither a fashion nor political statement. She said, “It is a way of life. God created every race with a particular type of hair and it makes perfect sense to me to embrace that,” she told the BBC.

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