Alton Sterling Murderers Will Not Be Charged

Louisiana state's attorney general, Jeff Landry, announced that the pair of white police officers who murdered Alton Sterling in 2016 will not be charged. During a press conference, Landry said that a months-long review of the incident failed to uncover evidence that either police officer could be held criminally responsible for Sterling's death.


"The Louisiana Department of Justice cannot proceed with a prosecution of either Officer Howie Lake or Officer Blane Salamoni," Landry said. Landry’s declaration comes a year and a half after Sterling's killing, which was recorded on video. The video shows the officers, who had been called to the area on reports of a man threatening people with a gun, pinning the 37-year-old black man to the ground outside a Baton Rouge convenience store where he had been selling CDs.

In the footage, one of the officers’ shouted, "He's got a gun! Gun!" Within seconds, multiple gunshots ring out follows by a scene with a lifeless Sterling lie while bleeding on the pavement.


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